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AfroPop - 9/15: R&B in Lisbon with The Celebration of the Best Urban Music!

The new R&B and Afropop party concept with live concerts and DJ's Hip Hop Old School + R&B + Naija + Afro, that you don't want to miss!

you will sing and dance R&B and afropop in a concert with a 100% live band

AfroPop was born with the purpose of creating a festive AfroPop music environment, with a band playing the greatest hits from Portugal, but also international hits from RnB, Hip Hop and related styles :)

Tributo Marilia Mendonca Portugal Lisboa

our VIBE R&B, afropop and hip hop!

Matias Damásio, Calema, Djodje, Anselmo Ralph, Ivandro, Aya Nakamura, Chris Brown, Jay Z and Snoop Dog, are some of the AfroPop references that you will hear through our bands, artists and DJ's!

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amazing r&b, hip hop and afropop dj sets

In addition to the band, AfroPop will be the stage for DJs with old school and mainstream international beats. You will remember the great singles but also the most current themes of RnB, Hip Hop and related styles!

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Reproduction of images: Instagram of the artists

When and where will the 1st edition of afropop and r&b lisbon take place?

The first edition of the AfroPop party takes place at Mercado da Ribeira, in the heart of Lisbon, inside the Time Out Studio, a room prepared for shows that has a dance floor/audience and an area reserved for tables and a private area.

The AfroPop R&B Party was directed to the Time Out Lisbon Studio, handpicked to provide an amazing experience. The vibe is electrifying, with cool lights, a cool dance floor and a themed decor that takes you right into the world of urban music. It's a party that stays in your memory, guys!

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Now you'll be able to go out and enjoy the styles of music you listen to the most and socialize, with great opportunities to meet new people who share the same taste in music!

It's also the perfect party to express your personal style, with fashion-inspired looks that you think make sense for AfroPop Portugal :)

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Increase the chances of grabbing promo tickets and get ready for the first edition of AfroPop Lisboa!

If you're passionate about R&B music and you're in Lisbon, the Festa R&B AfroPop is an unmissable event that offers an exceptional musical experience. With a contagious atmosphere, a first-class line-up and incredible diversity, this party promises to celebrate the best urban music in style. So mark your calendar and get ready to dance the night away to the beats and passionate lyrics at the AfroPop R&B Party in Lisbon!

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The AfroPop, R&B and HipHop party in Lisbon

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