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CARNAFEST: LIVE CONCERT in Lisbon with THE HITS OF CARNIVAL BRAZILIAN andDJ'sin an incredible vibe :)

The carnival party with a live band and all those classics you know, in a breathtaking, open air party, in the heart of Lisbon with the best view ever! 

Discover Teja in the northern region of Portugal: the unique electronic music, house, and EDM party in the Porto area. Let yourself be carried away by the pulsating beats of these music genres and join us to find out more :)

you will sing and DANCE to CARNIVAL BEATS with a 100% live band

Discover the joy of Carnafest at the end of the summer in Lisbon!


A party with all the lively carnival songs that have always been in your head and that you know by heart. It's as if you went back in time and were in Bahia (Brazil) next to an Ivete Sangalo electric trio :)

Get ready for an epic day at TEJA in Porto, where electronic music reigns supreme. From the first beat to the last, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and House take the spotlight. Top DJs, pure Electronic Dance Music, vibrant House, an amazing venue, immersive decor, and a makeup area to shine – welcome to TEJA! Your go-to electronic party in Porto.

Locais Incríveis e DJs Criteriosamente Selecionados no Porto

Realizamos festas em locais surpreendentes por todo o Porto, desde praias deslumbrantes a bosques mágicos e clubs exclusivos, oferecendo sempre novas e empolgantes experiências. Os nossos DJs locais, cuidadosamente selecionados, garantem uma energia constante na pista de dança. Eles têm a habilidade de te levar ao delírio, mantendo-te a dançar sem parar.

We host parties in stunning locations throughout Porto, from breathtaking beaches to magical forests and exclusive clubs, always providing new and exciting experiences. Our carefully selected local DJs ensure a constant energy on the dance floor. They have the ability to captivate you, keeping you dancing non-stop.

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EDM e House Music de Ponta a Ponta em no porto!

Na Teja, a música eletrónica e a house music são a trilha sonora perfeita para o teu dia no Porto. Do início ao fim, a batida pulsante e os ritmos cativantes vão envolver-te numa experiência única de música eletrónica nesta cidade vibrante.

At Teja, electronic and house music create the perfect soundtrack for your day in Porto. From start to finish, the pulsating beats and captivating rhythms will immerse you in a unique electronic music experience in this vibrant city.


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Decoração Exclusiva e a Sensação da Maquilhagem no Porto :)

Além disso, a decoração na Teja é sempre única, pensada para te transportar para um mundo de festa e diversão no Porto. E o fenómeno da maquilhagem continua a atrair filas em todas as edições. Deixa a tua marca e regista a tua noite de forma especial nesta cidade vibrante.

Moreover, the decoration at Teja is always unique, designed to transport you to a world of party and fun in Porto. And the makeup phenomenon continues to draw queues at every edition. Leave your mark and capture your night in a special way in this vibrant city.

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When and where will Carnafest Lisbon take place?

The last edition of Carnafest took place at Monsantos Open Air, with a stage and lawn ready for shows and a breathtaking view! The next one will take place in another location, incredible with a unique view! Sign up using the form below and receive the alert :)

The exact location of TEJA Porto is still a surprise, but it will be in an amazing spot. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Pre-register without commitment and receive the alert to purchase your ticket with  discount on the next edition of Carnafest Lisboa :)

Pre-register with no obligation and receive the alert to purchase your discounted ticket for the next edition of TEJA in Porto :)

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The Carnival POP party in PORTUGAL

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