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Your unforgettable New Year's Eve in Sertanejinho porto

With a festive and dancing atmosphere, the Porto region will celebrate New Year's Eve with Brazilian music and say goodbye to 2023 with live concerts and DJs late into the night! 

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How to explain New Year's Eve 2024 in Porto?

The 2024 New Year's Eve party in Porto will be a wild party with a live concert, and DJ's on Memory Beach, more specifically at Mambu Beach Club, properly closed and protected from the cold, rain and wind!

With a repertoire guided by lively Brazilian Sertanejo, the party doesn't stop there! You will also hear world music and the great Portuguese classics that marked the era. All this, at the highest level of animation!


New Year's Eve party in Porto with live music and DJs!

New Year's Eve Sertanejinho 2024 in Porto will feature a live band performing hits that will keep you warm and dancing the entire time! Get ready to enter 2024 with a bang with the people you love most!

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Image reproduction: Instagram Sertanejinho

make your reservation for the 2024 New Year's Eve party in Porto!

From 10/23/23, you will be able to make your reservation online through the link on our Instagram! The tickets available will be the audience, runway and VIP area. We recommend that you register using the button below and then receive the promotional ticket alert!


If you don't live in Porto, we recommend that you book your accommodation/hotel well in advance, as Porto is usually busy at this time of year. There are options, from luxury hotels to affordable hostels, with the guarantee that you will find the perfect accommodation for your New Year's Eve period. 

traces the route to the destination of New Year's Eve 2024 in Porto: 

We will be at Mambu Beach Club, one of the most charming spots on the north coast and easily accessible. Check the location below.

Tips for enjoying New Year’s Eve week in Porto:

1. Explore the Ribeira: Stroll along the riverside streets, eat in traditional restaurants and enjoy the view of the Luís I Bridge.

2. Take a trip to the Port Wine cellars: Take a tour of the cellars in Vila Nova de Gaia, taste different types and learn about production.

3. Climb the Clérigos Tower: Get a panoramic view of the city from this iconic tower.

4. Explore the Lello Bookstore: One of the most beautiful in the world, it inspired the "Harry Potter" series.

5. Take a walk through Parque da Cidade: Relax in nature and enjoy the sea view.

6. Enjoy the gastronomy: Try traditional dishes such as francesinha and local wines.

7. Take part in the New Year party: Watch the fireworks on the banks of the Douro River or go to a local party.

8. Visit museums and art galleries: The Serralves Museum and the Serralves Foundation are unmissable.

9. Take a boat trip along the Douro: Enjoy the incredible landscape of terraced vineyards and bridges.

10. Get to know the local culture: Watch a fado show, visit the Cathedral and join the local festivities.

Make the most of your week in the charming city of Porto!

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We are waiting for you to enjoy the Sertaneja party on Porto's New Year's Eve! share this page with your friends :)

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Portugal's country party

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