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CARNAFEST: LIVE CONCERT in Lisbon with THE HITS OF CARNIVAL BRAZILIAN andDJ'sin an incredible vibe :)

The carnival party with a live band and all those classics you know, in a breathtaking, open air party, in the heart of Lisbon with the best view ever! 


you will sing and DANCE to CARNIVAL BEATS with a 100% live band

Discover the joy of Carnafest at the end of the summer in Lisbon!


A party with all the lively carnival songs that have always been in your head and that you know by heart. It's as if you went back in time and were in Bahia (Brazil) next to an Ivete Sangalo electric trio :)

our carnival wave:

Mila, Arerê, Vai Rom a Festa, Segura o Tchan, Eva, Safado Cachorro sem Vergonha, Zona de Perigo and Ai Papai Macetei are some of the songs that represent the bomb party that is Carnafest! A repertoire to leave no one standing still!

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Reproduction of images: Instagram of the artists

100% lively DJ sets before and after the show!

In addition to the band, Carnafest will host the DJ with songs that will complete the vobe of the event! You will remember the great singles but also the most current Carnival themes and other related styles!

When and where will Carnafest Lisbon take place?
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The last edition of Carnafest took place at Monsantos Open Air, with a stage and lawn ready for shows and a breathtaking view! The next one will take place in another location, incredible with a unique view! Sign up using the form below and receive the alert :)

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Joy, joy and energy are part of Carnafest and our photographer has the mission to record the best moments. Get ready for what's coming and separate your look for the day of the party!

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Carnafest form


Pre-register without commitment and receive the alert to purchase your ticket with  discount on the next edition of Carnafest Lisboa :)

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Increase the chances of grabbing promo tickets and get ready for the next edition of Carnafest!

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The Carnival POP party in PORTUGAL

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